Collaboration: Seesaw COP

One thing I have learned this past week is that as an educator there is an army of people and resources out there to help you. This past week I have been focusing on getting my Seesaw classroom ready to launch in my classroom. After spending some time watching videos on youtube about the uses of Seesaw in my classroom I knew that I wanted to jump in and get started as soon as I could!

The first step that I took was this past week was getting my Seesaw account and online classroom set up on Seesaw. I first watched this step by step video to get an idea about  how to set up my class account.

Once I was on the program I realized how user friendly it is. It breaks every step down for you as you work through setting up your class. It provides you with a getting started guide with different options to help you get started. It provides you with a link to watch a getting started video, printable getting started guide that includes information for teachers, students and families, links to ideas to launch Seesaw in your specific grade level, videos to help students join your class, and printable invites to send home to invite your students families to join. Before I even got started they answered questions that I didn’t even know I had yet! I found their site to be very user friendly which was very helpful as we know how busy the day of a teacher can be! Here is a look at the getting started link on the Seesaw website!

getting started

On Friday I had the opportunity to attend a Community of Practice that allowed me to connect with many teachers from around Regina Public Schools. This COP gave us the opportunity to get together to specifically talk about the Seesaw program and share ideas on how everyone is using it in their classrooms. We got to spend the entire morning for Professional Development Collaboration. There were teachers from all grade levels with all levels of experience using Seesaw. Over the past few years I have heard of many teachers using this program but mostly in the Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten grade levels as it has been a division initiative for teachers in these grades to use Seesaw in their classrooms. I was so excited to see many other teachers from all grade levels there  to share and learn how others are using it in older elementary grades as well. It was exciting to collaborate with many other teachers to learn about how others are using Seesaw in their classrooms. cop

This PD was very helpful in many ways. The facilitator created a ‘classroom’ and allowed us all to log in as ‘students’. This was a great experience as it allowed each of us to practice signing in using the class QR code and it gave us the opportunity to see what Seesaw looks like from a students perspective. I thought this was very helpful as it allowed me to understand what the program looks like from their perspective and gave me ideas about how I am going to launch it in my classroom with the students. We each were asked to explore the tools and share a photo, voice note, drawing or anything we could with Seesaw to introduce ourselves. I took advantage of being able to play around with all of the tools that students will have access to. I learned a lot from listening to discussions around ideas that others were using in their classroom. It was a great to hear how others around the division are also using this program. It was a fun morning spent with colleagues sharing and collaborating !nicole.jpg

Moving forward with my project this week I plan to get my students ready to launch their online journals. I am going to start with a mini unit on Digital Citizenship to ensure that they understand the expectations of what appropriate online behavior looks like. I have prepared the family packages with each students individual codes printed off Seasaw website! I encourage everyone to check out their website as it really does all of the work for you! I will keep you all posted on how the launch of Seesaw goes in my classroom this week! I am very excited for my students as I know they are going to be so excited about this!

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3 Responses to Collaboration: Seesaw COP

  1. The Caring Educator says:

    I am glad you had the opportunity to learn from other teachers who are already using Seesaw in their classrooms! I knew nothing about Seesaw before reading your post. Thanks for sharing! I am looking forward to reading your next posts!


  2. This looks amazing! As an adult educator, I have never seen or heard of Seesaw. It looks like a great media to bring the classroom to home. What a great way for caregivers to be a part of the children’s school experience. On a professional note, I am really pleased to hear that you had an informative and productive PD experience. Collaborating with like-minded colleagues to enhance student learning and success through social media platforms must have been really encouraging. I wish you the best of luck with this project and look forward to following your journey.


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