Creating an Interactive Community

My journey using Seesaw has been going great so far. My students enjoy using it and I have had tons of positive feedback from parents about the program. The past few weeks I did have a few issues with my classroom Ipads and was waiting for an app update but that seems to be resolved on most of the devices now thankfully.

As of now, the majority of my families have connected online to their child’s’ Seesaw journal. I currently have 21 out of 24 families connected. I am going to reach out to each family who has not connected to hopefully help guide them towards signing up. All in all, I think 21 of 24 families so far is very successful!

Photo Credit: Seesaw

Students continue to work on adding work to their journals to share with their parents.  Some parents are interactive with their children on Seesaw and others have been just viewing their child’s work with little or no feedback. My next goal is to help students and parents make our classroom Seesaw more interactive. I am going to do this by encouraging them to create a dialog between students and parents on their Seesaw journals about their work.

Photo Credit: Seesaw


The next step in my Seesaw journey is introducing commenting to my students and the benefits to our learning that commenting can have. Students have been able to view their classmate’s work but they haven’t had the opportunity to comment on one another’s work. I am also going to begin to encourage parents and to add more comments to their child’s work. I want to work towards making Seesaw more interactive where parents and students are conversing and sharing ideas about their work.

Edublogs provides teachers with some great tips on teaching quality commenting skills. This will help both the students and parents understand the purpose of commenting as well as the benefits to learning that commenting can have. By parents commenting on their child’s work, it encourages the child to investigate their learning deeper and give further explanation for their thinking. The following information shares why commenting is important on blogs, but I feel that these tips also share how commenting on one another’s work on Seesaw will also see the same benefits.

Photo Credit: Edublog

This week we will begin to look at commenting and how we can comment on our classmate’s blogs. I will then write home to parents and invite them to become more active on Seesaw. I have great parental support this school year so I am very excited to see our online community become more interactive.

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3 Responses to Creating an Interactive Community

  1. I think this a great way for sharing work with parents. The Pre-K/K teacher at our school is using See Saw as well, and I’m loving it as admin, because I see each day some of the great things happening in her classroom that I wouldn’t otherwise have access to.
    After watching this weeks TedTalk, the idea of comments seems so much more important for kids to expand their ideas.
    I’m sure your kids are benefiting immensely from this opportunity!


  2. strauchc says:

    I wish my son’s teacher used seesaw! It is such an awesome tool and you seem to be doing a great job as seen by the number of the parents that are connected and interacting with it in your classroom. Great work!


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