Seesaw saves the day!

Over the past month, my students have been working on a very large writing project in our classroom. They worked through the entire writing process to create stories. The stories that they wrote were phenomenal and they put many hours, tons of hard work and effort into creating these stories. To celebrate we had an Author event in our classroom where we invited parents and families into our school to listen to all of our wonderful stories.

Photo Credit: Seesaw

The students were so excited to have their families attend their Author event. The students each typed their stories as well as created an illustration and an about the Author page to go along with their stories. Students practiced reading their stories and prepared to read aloud to our guests. When our guests arrived each student had their illustration projected behind them as they read their stories aloud. It was such a wonderful event for our students and families.

Photo Credit: Seesaw 

Unfortunately, not all of our families could attend due to other commitments and work commitments. These families, of course, were upset that they were not going to be able to hear their child read their story out loud. This is where Seesaw saved the day. I was able to record each of their stories and share them on their Seesaw accounts so that their families could listen to their child read their stories live.

Families were so thankful and excited that they still got to see their child read their story. Parents were able to be a part of the event even if they were not physically with us that day! The feedback that I got from parents over this was amazing. I was so thankful to have Seesaw to help parents and students still connect over this amazing project even if they couldn’t be with us on that very day!

Photo Credit: Seesaw

Just another reason why I love Seesaw so much! It really is so special to be able to share these events with parents and be able to document this learning for our students to watch back and reflect on!

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Grade 3/4 teacher at Douglas Park School in Regina, Saskatchewan
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