Digital Learning Project Summary!

This term has given me the opportunity and time to launch Seesaw in my classroom. Originally, going into launching Seesaw I was thinking it would be a good communication tool to bridge the gap between home and school and keep my families informed with what is going on in my classroom. I have learned so much about Seesaw over the course of this term and I feel that it is much more than just a communication tool. It serves as an online digital portfolio, an assessment tool, a communication tool, documentation tool and assignment tool. It served our classroom in many more ways than I ever anticipated it would.

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Here is a recap of what my classroom has accomplished with Seesaw over the past few months.

1. My main goal was to use Seesaw as a tool to connect home and school. Check out my blog post Connecting Home and School to view my initial goals with Seesaw. I shared how as a mom I enjoy getting updates on my children’s learning throughout the day and how I wanted to provide parents of the students in my classroom with these same opportunities. Little did I know I would discover that Seesaw would serve my teaching in many other ways.

2.Early on in my Seesaw journey, I had the opportunity to participate in a division Professional Development day where we were able to choose which Community of Practice we would like to attend. This gave me the opportunity to attend the Seesaw Community of Practice which allowed me to collaborate and learn from other teachers within the division that are already using Seesaw in their classrooms. You can read about my experiences getting familiar with the app and collaborating with other teachers from my school division on my post Collaboration: Seesaw COP.

3. Once I felt like I had an understanding of Seesaw we were ready to launch Seesaw in our classroom. I made sure everyone had the correct permission they needed to participate and then we hit the ground running. You can read about how we launched Seesaw in our classroom and sent our first bits of learning to our parents on my blog post-Ready, Set, Launch!

4. This class has helped me understand the power of getting connected. It has encouraged me to reach out to other educators and learn from them. Twitter has allowed me to connect with teachers from all over the world who are using Seesaw in their classrooms. I especially appreciate @seesaw and how they use Twitter to keep educators informed with new features of their app, PD opportunities they are providing and sharing examples of other educators work. You can read about my experience with using Twitter to help me learn more about @seesaw and see great examples of how teachers are using seesaw in their classrooms by reading my blog post @seesaw, I love you! 

5.This fall Seesaw launched an activities feature on their app. This feature allows teachers to create assignments on Seesaw and push them out for students to complete and save onto their journals. Seesaw has pre-made activities that teachers can use for each grade level as well as directions to create your own activities. I used the Seesaw help center a lot to answer all of my questions while creating and launching the Seesaw activities feature. You can read about my experiences with this on my blog post Seesaw Activities Feature.

6. Throughout this term, we have been using Seesaw as a “show what you know tool”. This provided students with an opportunity to demonstrate and record their thinking to show how they completed and understood different concepts. This provided me with an opportunity to think about Seesaw as more of a portfolio to document and store learning as well as a way to communicate and demonstrate their learning to families. You can read about our first experience with using Seesaw as a documentation tool to show families their understanding of a math concept here on my blog post Show what you know!

7. Seesaw is a great introduction towards social media for young students. In my classroom, I was able to introduce Digital Identity to students and begin to explore how we can interact with one another online using Seesaw as a secure platform. Seesaw has provided my students with the opportunity to interact and comment on one another’s work. I appreciate how parents are able to comment on their child’s work as this provides students with great role models for positive interaction online. You can check out my post Creating an Interactive Community to see how we are using Seesaw to get social within our classroom.

8. Seesaw has allowed parents to enter into our classroom over this last term. The feedback from parents has been fabulous. Many parents have expressed gratitude towards being involved in their child’s daily learning. I am so grateful that parents have 100% jumped on board with this learning. This term we hosted an Author event that many parents were unfortunately not able to attend due to other commitments. Thanks to Seesaw, I was able to send families videos of their child reading at the event so they could hear their child’s stories. You can read about how we were able to use Seesaw to ensure that all parents could be involved in our event on my blog Seesaw saves the day! 

This term has been a great learning experience and I am so grateful for the opportunity and encouragement to launch a new tool within my classroom. We all can appreciate the fact that teaching is a busy career and it is easy to continue to stick to what you know as it can feel overwhelming to take on something new. I am thankful to have this opportunity. I feel that our journey in Seesaw has just begun and I look forward to continuing on this school year to see what else we accomplish with Seesaw in our classroom. Thank you all for following along on my learning journey!

Take a look at a few bits and pieces from our classroom this term! Enjoy!

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2 Responses to Digital Learning Project Summary!

  1. Joe McG says:

    Congratulations on your successful integration of Seesaw? As you ave remarked, I have found the experience incredibly rewarding, and am grateful for the nudge this course provided me.


  2. Joe McG says:

    I didn’t mean to have a question mark after my first sentence there…


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