Plot Twist… Major project 2.0

Ok, so this is very unlike me because I really am not an indecisive person at all. I have decided after much debate that I am going to change my project idea. I have felt a pull towards doing the activism project after some conversations with my students this past week.

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We all know that kids are so giving and caring and really just want to help out and give back in any way they can. I teach grade 3/4 and I feel like this age is the age where they become very aware of their surroundings and how they as little humans can affect others around them. Last year I taught a very passionate group of students who wanted to do a big project to raise money for something…really for anything, they didn’t care what it was they just wanted to do something. Unfortunately, I was only teaching halftime last year and time just was never on our side and we never got something off the ground.

This school year I am back full time and I am really loving having more time at work to dig deeper into the curriculum and the richer relationships I am building with my students. Since the winter break, many of my students have expressed to me at different times how they want to raise money for different causes, last week being one of those weeks. It really triggered me that this is an opportunity for them that I could support them in and it would be great and I am feeling pulled to let them run with it.

So here I am changing my project! We are going to launch a classroom activism project while using media to share our ideas, promote our cause and raise awareness. I am still working out the finer details, but I feel like we have a great idea in mind and I am excited to see how this project unfolds. I have a very ambitious group of students with amazing supportive parents so I know that this is going to be a hit!

Stay tuned for all of the details as they unfold. This week our goal is to hammer out some of the details! We will be looking for classrooms to connect and collaborate with us on this project! So get ready friends! We are coming your way! Here is a sneak peek into our classroom today as we started to launch our ideas!

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Grade 3/4 teacher at Douglas Park School in Regina, Saskatchewan
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7 Responses to Plot Twist… Major project 2.0

  1. wileywonders says:

    I love that you are changing your project based on your students. Grade ¾ is a wonderful age group. I agree that they start to realize more how others can be impacted. I think your students are going to love the project and I can’t wait to read about your journey. Also fantastic book choice to start the project with your students.


  2. Good for you! Getting your students on board is key and if the idea originated from them, all the better. I look forward to seeing what you are going to do!


  3. krisanne says:

    Sounds like it will be fun and a great learning experience for all!


  4. Staci Senger says:

    I’m a ‘make a plan and stick to it no matter what’ kind of person, so I really admire the fact that you’re changing gears and following the direction that your students are leading you in. Your new plan sounds like it will be a very meaningful and purposeful activity for you all, and will provide your students with the opportunity to make a difference in the world. I can’t wait to see what cause you choose to support!


  5. jocelyncarr says:

    Love that you are letting your students change the way you look at this project. It sounds like a great plan and I bet the kids are thrilled! I look forward to seeing how it unfolds. Maybe I’ll get it see it in action when I return to work.


  6. williamsrk says:

    Good luck, Channing! It will mean so much more when it is something you are inspired to do, and it sounds like a wonderful opportunity for your students.


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