The future… Where will we end up?

The future. It is coming whether we are ready or not. Life changes. We change. Technology changes. Change happens. Change can be good. Change can be bad. Regardless, change happens.

We know that change happens in all areas of our life. And as parents and teachers, we also need to be prepared and open to change. We need to take on the challenge of one of our greatest responsibilities which is to prepare our younger generation for the really unknown future.

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This weeks topic made me think about a blog post that I wrote the last term. In this post, I discussed the rapidly changing world due to technology. In this post, I discussed Pavan Aroras statistic that “65% of grade school children will have jobs that do not exist today. Similar to what Nicole shared in what skills they predict students will need to land a job in 2025. These statistics are no doubt ones that should be considered when looking at how we structure our teaching moving forward. These statistics show that we are actually preparing students for a world that does not exist yet, so in turn, we need to be futuristic in our planning in order to prepare our students for their future roles. Students have access to endless knowledge via technology. We need to take this into consideration in our teaching. We instead of teaching the facts need to work towards teaching students how to become independent learners and teach them how to access information through different forms of media in order to build their knowledge. Below is a Ted X video with Pavan Arora sharing his ideas of the future generations.


This week I have been doing a lot of reflecting on my education as a child and how the education my students are getting is very different from the education I received as a child. Education has no doubt changed from when we were children and as a teacher, I am left considering how my teaching needs to continue to change and adapt over the years to the rapidly changing world. We cannot let ourselves get stuck in the comfort of what we are doing. Instead, we need to continue to educate ourselves and stay current with what needs our students have.

What sort of world are we preparing kids for?

It is hard to sit back and imagine what type of world we are preparing our children for. It is evident that the world we are preparing them for is something we likely cannot even begin to anticipate yet. So in this, we need to understand that we are not necessarily preparing them for a certain type of world rather we are giving them the skills that they will be able to navigate the future with. This no doubt includes our students learning to navigate technology independently and safely. This is giving students the skills that they need to become independent learners where they can search independently for answers as opposed to teachers feeding them with knowledge. It is hard to even guess where the future is going but it is certain that technology will be a major part of it so it is important that we adopt teaching using technology to ensure that we are providing our students with experiences that will prepare them for the future.

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What sort of education or education system will be needed to adequately prepare students for the world ahead?

This is a very great question. I think it is important to always reflect on these questions to consider what we are making a priority in our teaching and if this will in the long term greatly benefit our students. I have had the opportunity over the last several years to work in an open concept school where teaching and learning are very different from many schools who have a closed concept approach. I feel that collaboratively we are working together to plan and teach in ways that we are preparing students for the future. I feel like we are working together to structure our school day with more flexibility and choice than ever before. From open concept classrooms, flexible seating, passion projects, flexible grade groupings and the implementation and access to daily technology we are beginning to work towards pushing the boundaries of the traditional classroom-style education. I feel like this experience pushes me daily to challenge my teaching pedagogy, collaborate with others, and have discussions about how as a team we can work together to preparing our students for their future.

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I understand that as educators of future generations it is important that we continue to question and challenge our views and ways of teaching to ensure that we are doing everything we can to prepare our future generations. It is important that we continue to push outside of our comfort zones to stay current with what skills students need to acquire to be successful members of our future society. I feel that I am committed to creating a climate within my classroom where we work collaboratively to explore their interests and passions and teach them how to become independent learnings able to navigate the continuously fast-changing world.





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3 Responses to The future… Where will we end up?

  1. Hi Channing, what an Interesting thought, particularly on your reflection on sort of education or education system that is needed to adequately prepare students for the world ahead? I completely agree with your views and also feel that as educators of upcoming generations it is very important to reflect on our own teaching strategies and ensure that we are doing our best to serve the need of our future generations. As educators we must be properly equipped with right knowledge so that we pave roads for our students to walk through. Great post loved reading it.


  2. wileywonders says:

    Great points Channing. Students will need to know where and how to look for helpful information and how to view the information critically. I also agree in working with other teachers collaboratively and continually push yourselves as learners. I think it’s important to have an open mind and growth mindset to be life long learners. It’s important to also be open to students as teachers and learn from them too.


  3. Nicole Reeve says:

    I think if we work to create students who can be independent and self motivated learners they will be able to tackle any challenge the world throws at them in their future careers! Now it’s just to find that sweet spot where they all love to learn all the time, right?


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