We are EXCITED! Students, parents, colleagues and myself, everyone is very excited for this project to get off of the ground. Over the past few weeks, my class has worked on ironing out all the little details for our #thehappinessproject. If you would like to be brought up to speed you can read about our beginning details here. Over the past week, I have sent additional permission slips home with students to ensure that their families are ok with their work and pictures to be featured on our classroom happiness blog. Our families are all very excited about this project and currently, we have 95% of our students with full permission to participate! Which I feel is a huge success. Immediately following the February break our blog will be live and you can follow along with our #thehappinessproject. If you are curious to see how you can support us and or would like to get involved you can connect with us after the February break here!

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Image result for digital communication for kidsThis week we were encouraged to look at the Nine Elements of Digital Citizenship and consider how our project begins to connect to these nine elements. The first element that I plan to connect to with our happiness project is Digital Communication. Digital communication is defined as “the electronic exchange of information”.  Throughout this project, my classroom will be using many different forms of technology to share and promote our project. We will be using email, blogging, seesaw, twitter, facebook, and Instagram. This will provide my students with the opportunity to share their project and learn how they can use these platforms to share information and educate others outside of our classroom. We will discuss appropriate use of digital communication and the importance of safety while communicating with others online. Through this students will learn how to appropriately use technology to communicate their thoughts and ideas.

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The second element that we will explore during our project is Digital Literacy. Digital literacy is defined as The process of teaching and learning about technology and the use of technology”. Through this project, I am going to be able to weave in digital literacy opportunities into our daily teachings and into our classroom. Through this project, I am going to be able to teach my students about different digital literacies and how these can support and extend our learning. One of our major digital literacy learning areas throughout this term will no doubt be our classroom blog. Through this students will learn how to share their learning with others by writing and uploading onto our blog. This project will allow students to learn t0 use many new types of digital media. We will also be looking at how different social media platforms can be used to spread awareness around our project and how they can allow us to connect with and collaborate with other classrooms.

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The third element that we will explore during our project is Digital Health and Wellness. Digital Health and Wellness is defined as the  “Physical and psychological well-being in a digital technology world”.  Through our project topic, we are going to be able to explore digital health and wellness. We will talk about the effects both positive and negative that technology and using devices can have on our bodies and health. While we explore mindfulness and self-care practices we will look at how technology can affect our mood, our behaviors such as rest and sleep periods, how it can become addicting and how many people use technology as a way to escape from the present world. We will explore many areas of Digital Health and Wellness within our project.

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Looking at Ribbles Nine Elements of Digital Citizenship I feel that this project has the potential to cover many if not all of the Nine Elements of Digital Citizenship but the above are the three areas that I am committed to ensuring my students have a great understanding of throughout this project. I am excited to provide my students with the opportunity to engage and connect with others online. I feel that this project will allow them to understand how we can use the online world to spread awareness for a cause as we connect with others who are interested in a similar topic as us. I am excited to allow them to use our classroom blog to share our journey as well as educate others about #thehappinessproject. I feel that this is a great opportunity for my students to be involved in something much larger than just our immediate classroom. I can already feel their passion for this project!

Thanks for stopping in! Once again if you would like to be a part of our project let me know! We will meet you at happy!


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