The Launch!

The break is winding down and as nice as it is to have a week off I am always excited to get back to my kiddos. I am more excited than ever to get back tomorrow as tomorrow officially launches #thehappinessproject in our classroom!

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The last few weeks as a class we have been working on ironing out the details, making plans, reaching out to others, including our classroom families and making a plan of how this project may unfold for us. Let me share with you what we have been up to!

1. We decided that we are going to focus on the idea of happiness for our project. We are going to be looking at internal happiness and what strategies we can use to help grow this within ourselves. We will do weekly activities and exploration around this that we will share with others. You can find the idea behind our #thehappinessproject here!

2. We have reached out via Mrs. Degelmans social media looking for other classrooms who would like to connect and participate with us. We posted a call out on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We had many teachers and classrooms who have already contacted us and are interested in following along and participating in our project. Students will be contacting them and inviting them via an email chain learning how to write an email to connect with others this week!

3.We are going to share our learning journey on our classroom blog. Our blog site is You can follow our entire journey by following our blog. The main goal for our blog is that the students will share their work and the activities that we are doing in our classroom for others to see. Students will each take turns writing the weekly blog posts and uploading pictures of their work to share with others.

4.I will also be creating and updating a teacher resource page on our site so that teachers can find the lesson plans and ideas for our lessons and where to access the information. I hope to keep the lessons focused and low prep easy for teachers to implement in their classrooms.

5.We have picked a charity to raise money for. As a class, we decided our charity of choice would be the Make a Wish Foundation Saskatchewan. We picked this foundation because we feel that it gives back to kids in need and it is a way that we can spread happiness to a child who may need some extra happiness to get them through their tough times.

6.We have a few fundraisers in our school planned and we hope to extend these fundraisers into the classrooms that participate in our project. We plan to sell Loom Bracelets as a physical reminder of happiness. We will be selling them in our school for International Day of Happiness which is March 20th. Stay tuned for our other fundraiser ideas!

7. One of my students shared our project ideas with her mom who is a member of The Boot Hill Community Association. The association was so excited about our project that they wanted to make a donation. They gave us  our first donation which was $100! The students were so very excited and we are beyond grateful for this start!

8.We have also been looking at ways we can spread happiness to others in our community. I have reached out to the families in our classroom to see if anyone had connections to a nursing home or a family member in a nursing home that we could arrange to take or class too. We are planning to plan some activities and take some goodies to spread some kindness and happiness to some elders in our community. Winter can be so tough for the elderly people of our community so I know this will surely be a way to brighten their day! In order to make this happen I am applying for the Sasktel I am Stronger Grant.

9.This week we have a school assembly where we are going to share the launch of our happiness project in our school. Before the February break, our class made a video using Adobe Spark to share at the assembly. They were so excited to make this video and are very excited to share it!

We are very excited for this project to get off the ground!  Remember to subscribe to our blog to be notified when we have a new post! We are still looking for more classrooms to follow along and be involved so let us know if you would like in!

We will meet you at happy!

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Grade 3/4 teacher at Douglas Park School in Regina, Saskatchewan
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3 Responses to The Launch!

  1. The Caring Educator (Jaque) says:

    What a beautiful project! I am going to check the Happiness blog right now 🙂


  2. Awesome project – I absolutely love the sharing of the heart lesson. So simple, effective and brilliant. We honestly need more of that. Keep up the great work.


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