#thehappinessproject is underway!

This past week was a fabulous week! After lots of preplanning and brainstorming, we finally had the opportunity to launch #thehappiness project in our classroom. There is a TON of energy around this project! It already has been so fun and you know the students are passionate about the project when they cheer when they see #thehappinessproject on our daily schedule.

We began our week with each student getting their own happiness journal. Each student got their own journal that they were asked to collage the front of their journals with things that made them happy! I wanted these journals to be personal to them and something that they would cherish and want to do their best work in. Each and every one of their journals are unique and they put so much work into them. Following this lesson, I had two students blog about the lesson on our happiness blog. I showed them how to work the blog and I helped them add in the videos and pictures but otherwise, they were in charge of doing all the writing for the blog! Here is the link to their first blog post titled Day 1 written by Jordyn and Izzy. They were very excited to have been chosen to write about our first activity!

The second day of #thehappiness project we started discussing things that make us happy. The idea of this lesson was to brainstorm a list of things that make us happy and talk about how we can pay gratitude to the things that make us happy. We talked about how we can keep these things that make us happy in our heart and when we are feeling sad, mad or upset these things are things that we can do to help us reach happiness again. For this lesson, students brainstormed a list of 20 things that make them happy and then they drew and filled a heart with all of these things. Once again, two students were picked to blog on our happiness blog about our daily learning. Pyatt and Parker did a great job of updating our blog. Check out their post Our Heart Maps!

I also updated the blog on the teacher’s page to review what I did for lessons and resources for teachers who are following. I hope to keep the lessons short and sweet with low prep so teachers who are following along in their classrooms can open the blog and easily do these activities on the spot with their students. You can read about the first lessons on the teacher page here!

On Wednesday my students shared their happiness project with the entire school at our school assembly. They shared the video that we made with Adobe spark as well as spoke about our mission and our charity. They shared how others can get involved in the journey as well as get involved by donating to our charity. They were so excited to share their project and the response from the staff and students was more than we could have hoped for. I am so excited to watch the rest of this project unfold for them.

We also did some more looming and got the order forms ready to send out so we can start taking pre-orders for our happiness bracelets. We will be selling the bracelets for $2 each and all of the proceeds will be going to the Make a Wish Foundation Saskatchewan! Please contact me if you would like to purchase some bracelets to support our cause! We are encouraging everyone to wear their bracelets on March 20th for International Happiness Day!

This week is going to be another week for our project! We will be sending out the order forms for our bracelets and we will be promoting sales for that! For this, the students in my classroom will be going to the classrooms in our school and giving a mini-presentation on our happiness project and showing off our bracelets and telling the other students how we want them to all wear them on March 20th to support our project!

For the happiness project this week we will be exploring the topic of feelings. We will be exploring the idea that life can be tough and daily we are challenged and we feel many different feelings in a day. We are going to discuss how different feelings make us feel and how our body reacts to different feelings. Stay tuned for my students updating the blog on these ideas!

Thanks for following along!

We will meet YOU at HAPPY!

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Grade 3/4 teacher at Douglas Park School in Regina, Saskatchewan
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4 Responses to #thehappinessproject is underway!

  1. thehackelhub says:

    This is so awesome, Channing! I’m stoked to follow along with this project. πŸ™‚ Your littles look so proud to be a part of this project and that’s the most important thing. Happiness makes such a big difference in our world. Congrats on this…I know it’s a lot of work, prep, organization and planning but it will be totally worth it! ❀


  2. jocelyncarr says:

    The kids look so proud! This project looks like it is going to be awesome. I love the happiness project it’s such a great thing to have in the day.


  3. This looks like such a fantastic project! I must admit, I have been following your tweets and read this post before commenting on it, and I feel a bit addicted to seeing what your students are doing with this project. Thanks for sharing, keep it coming!


  4. What a wonderful project! I’m so glad you let yourself be “indecisive” at the end of January and ended up on the activist route… I think this project will leave a lasting impression on these young minds. I’m looking forward to reading your next post. πŸ™‚


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