Feelings Week!

Our #thehappiness project as you know is well underway! The excitement continues and I am just blown away by my student’s enthusiasm for this project. This week we focused on feelings for the week.

The first lesson we did this week was all about our feelings. You can find Ashton and Deagan’s post Our Feelings here! They did a great job recapping the importance of identifying how different things make us feel and beginning to think about where in our bodies we feel different emotions. We then talked about what it would be like if our body had to carry all of those emotions around and wasn’t able to process them.  You can also find my teacher post where I shared the resources I used for the first feelings lesson. You can find my Feelings Lesson 1 here!

Here are some highlights from lesson one this week!

We continued the week with a second lesson that we began to consider what these emotions do to our bodies and how we need to react to these emotions. You can find Liam and Olivia’s recap of Emotions are like Waves here! They did a great job of sharing how we decide which wolf in our heart to feed. They shared that the one that we feed will be the one that wins. They shared how we need to let emotions come and go like waves. They will come in but with calm attention and care we can release and allow them to leave. You can also find my recap on the lesson as well as the resources that I used to teach this lesson here at Feelings Lesson 2.

Here are some highlights from the feelings lesson two!


This week was the week that my students launched their Happiness Bracelet campaign. This week they worked sorting all of the information letters into classrooms to prepare to drop them off for the classroom teacher. They also went around to each and every classroom in small groups and talked about our campaign and shared samples of our bracelets and shared that all of the money would be donated to the Make a Wish Foundation Saskatchewan. They were so excited to share this with the students in our school as they have already been creating the bracelets. There was a lot of excitement from other classrooms about our project and many teachers are now reaching out to get more information about our blog which is great! Order forms will be due this week and then we will be filling orders and making any more bracelets that we need to make to fill the orders. We have also  have reached out to the classrooms following our project online to invite them to purchase our bracelets as well! Let me know if you would like to order one! We would love to send you one!

This weekend I had a parent contact me to let me know that one of my students was doing a bake sale at her church this Sunday with all of the proceeds being donated to our project. I am just so blown away with my students kindness and commitment to this project and to our cause they picked! Watch for updates about her donation hitting our blog this week!

This week we will begin to explore ways in which we can self-regulate and deal with these emotions. We will begin to dig deeper into mindfulness and how this helps us deal with big emotions and everyday life. We will be building on the Mindfulness guru Trina Markussons presentation to our school last week!

Make sure to check our blog thehappinessprojectdp.wordpress.com for updates this week!

Thanks for stopping in!

We will meet YOU at HAPPY!


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Grade 3/4 teacher at Douglas Park School in Regina, Saskatchewan
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4 Responses to Feelings Week!

  1. thehackelhub says:

    Sounds like another successful week on the Happiness Project! 😀 I am finding the same thing with my kids – they GET it! They are so generous and caring and they want to make a difference in the world. It really gives me hope that maybe lots of brighter days are coming. Another great book that would fit into your lessons is called, “I Am Peace: A Book of Mindfulness” by Susan Verde. I read it last semester and video taped myself reading it! SUCH a good resource for helping calm feelings but still recognize the ones we have. Your posts make me so happy!


  2. Staci Senger says:

    I think teaching kids about feelings is very important, and if they are able to develop plans for how to recognize feelings and self-regulate, we are setting them up to be successful individuals. I am loving reading about your happiness project too. When kids can take an idea, connect to it, and make it there own, it always gives me goosebumps!


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  4. Pingback: Nothing but smiles for #thehappinessproject | Channing Degelman

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