Giving to Charity Makes us Happy!

It has been another exciting and busy week for #thehappinessproject in our classroom. Last week we hit the ground running with our fundraiser for the Make a Wish Foundation Saskatchewan! The students were so excited to begin to raise money for our charity. They are feeling very inspired by the fact that they can work together for a greater cause and be a part of something so great within our province. Children are so caring and giving and this week allowed my students to take on leadership roles in our school in order to inspire others to jump on board with our fundraiser.

Small groups of our students went around to each and every classroom to spread awareness in our school about our fundraiser. They worked together to count out and deliver all of the order forms to the classrooms. On Thursday we received all of our pre-order forms and from there we were able to begin to fill our pre-orders with the bracelets that we had made for our fundraiser. We also have other classrooms from other schools around Regina that have been following our blog. They also purchased bracelets so we filled those orders and sent them to their schools! The bracelet sales were a huge success and all the students who purchased bracelets are encouraged to wear them on Tuesday, March 20th for International Day of Happiness. Here are the bracelets our classroom ordered!

Another fundraiser our class has planned is on Thursday, March 22nd students in our school can also participate in a mindful day where they can pay $1 to chew gum for the school day. Did you know that chewing gum is mindful?

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I also had one very caring and generous student who went above and beyond and did her own fundraiser to raise more money for our cause. You can check out Addie’s blog post on our happiness project to read about how she raised $145 for our project! Her blog post can be found here!

At our school assembly in April our classroom will be doing a happiness presentation for families and our school as well as at that time we will have the grand total for how much money we raised for the Make a Wish Foundation Saskatchewan! Stay tuned as they have already way surpassed what our original goal was!

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Feel free to check out our blog here to read up on what we have been learning about this week! My students have been working hard at keeping our blog updated so the classrooms who are following along can continue on with the project.

We are so grateful for the classrooms and others who have been following along with our project. Many classrooms and others have left us comments on our blog which has been very exciting for our students. Last week we took time to read all of the comments that have been left on our blog posts. We took time to read each comment and students took time responding to these comments. We talked about why it is important to comment on others work and also how we can use positive comments to encourage others in their work. We also talked about the importance of taking time to reply to comments and why it would be important to take the time to reply to these comments. The students learned so much from this short lesson. We are grateful for the classrooms who have been following along and commenting to encourage our learning. Thank you to all who have taken the time to read and comment on my students learning.

It has been another happy week for #thehappinessproject! We have lots of learning left to do so continue checking our blog! I have also reached out to Makayla who runs She has branded #thehappinessprojectYQR in Regina and I have been in contact with her about collaborating. I plan to make arrangements to have her come and talk to our class about her journey to happiness as well as her experiences with social media and how she has used social media to spread happiness to all of her followers! I am very excited about this collaboration! Stay tuned to hear what we decide on!

Thanks for checking out our update! It has been another busy week and this is only a snippet of what we have been up to! Make sure to browse our blog to see the details! Leave us a comment and let us know you stopped by!

What are you doing for International Day of Happiness?! Join us in our pursuit of happiness!

We will meet YOU at HAPPY!

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2 Responses to Giving to Charity Makes us Happy!

  1. Staci Senger says:

    I can’t wait to hear the grand total of your donation to the Make a Wish Foundation! Your students’ dedication to this project, and Addie’s going the extra mile to take it even further, can’t help but put a smile on my face and joy in my heart. It’s amazing how inspirational children can be. Great work with your project and with creating a new generation of thoughtful, caring, happy, kids 🙂


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