Working on Ourselves!

The last two weeks of #thehappinessproject have been taking time to focus on our minds and working towards understanding that big concept of mindfulness.

Mindfulness Wheels:

Two weeks ago the mindfulness guru Trina Markusson came to talk to our students about Mindfulness and different strategies that they can use to help with mindfulness and dealing with big emotions. We read her story Good Morning Sunshine and talked about the different mindfulness strategies that she suggests. Students then made their own Mindfulness wheels with all of the strategies that Trina gave them for their happiness journals.

You can find my student’s blog post on the Mindfulness Wheel here.

You can find my post including resources for the Mindfulness Wheel here.

Positive Self Talk:

This past week we have been focusing on our minds as we looked at helpful and unhelpful thoughts and how those impact us. The first lesson we focused on Positive self-talk and the idea that if you plant positive thoughts in your life positive things will happen. Students then had to think of 7-10 positive self-talk mantras that they can use. Students created positive self-talk shields to help protect themselves from negative self-talk.


You can find my student’s blog post on Positive Self Talk here. 

You can find my blog post including resources for Positive Self Talk here.


SA TA NA MA Meditation

This week we also looked at the idea of taking care of our minds and learning how to focus on the present moment. We watched a video that suggests we need to take ten minutes a day to do absolutely nothing. In this lesson, we looked at the SA TA NA MA Meditation and how it can help people work on being in the present moment. Ten minutes does not seem long but it can be very difficult to stay focused without our minds wandering for ten solid minutes. Using the SA TA NA MA Meditation helps students focus on the present moment of the meditation.

Image result for sa ta na ma hands

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You can find my students post on the SA TA NA MA Meditation here.

You can find post including resources for SA TA NA MA Meditation lesson here.

 Thanks for stopping in! I wanted to give you all a little glimpse into what #thehappinessproject has been up to. To see our full project and lessons head over to our blog at

We will meet YOU at HAPPY!



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