Adios EC&I 832

Since I just returned from Mexico for spring break, and I am practically fluent (not) in Spanish I will prepare to say Adios to my new friends and colleagues that I have met through this course. Thank you all for another amazing semester of learning. This course for me was a great building block to the content that I learned in EC&I 831. I feel that combined these two courses have allowed me to fully understand the importance of educating our students on the importance of Digital Citizenship as well as Media Literacy.

This course has allowed me to reflect on my current teaching practices and encouraged me to consider how I can change and adapt my teaching to ensure that I am fully preparing my students for the world that they are entering. Technology and media are here to stay and as teachers and parents, we need to be committed to helping our students navigate this world appropriately and safely. I feel that I now have a great understanding of the topics that I need to begin to explore deeper into my classroom and from this class I have the confidence to know how to begin that.

Thank you all for the great discussions, feedback, and support. You can find my summary of learning below!  Take care all!


Adios, my friends!




About cdegelman

Grade 3/4 teacher at Douglas Park School in Regina, Saskatchewan
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2 Responses to Adios EC&I 832

  1. Joe McGurran says:

    Went for the Snapchat video again! Love it! 🙂


  2. I just loved the snapshot video and you presented it in a perfect way. It was a great semester and thank you for all of your posts, discussions. Collaborating with everyone made this course more interesting and I look forward working with you again.


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