When my class launched our happiness project we were looking at different options for sharing our project. I debated starting a classroom Twitter or Instagram account to share our journey with others. At this time I was looking around on social media to see what may be out there for others already using the happiness project as their name. During this search, I found on Instagram The Happiness Project YQR. I was intrigued so I checked out her page and started following along on Makayla’s happiness project page. You can read Makayla’s blog about her inspiration and journey to starting the happiness project here.

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Over the past few months, I have had the opportunity to follow her story and see how she has branded #thehappinessprojectyqr. Makayla runs a very successful and positive social media site that helps spread positivity,  and guidance to happiness online. Over the past few months that I have been following Makayla’s page, she has had many local Regina guests take over her Instagram to share their successes and their daily rituals to help them be mindful and happy. I have enjoyed following her positive page and learning about her journey to happiness.

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I feel that Makayla is a great role model to show students how social media can be a platform to spread awareness about your cause in a positive way. Since I teach in a Grade 3/4 classroom I feel that it is a crucial age for students to understand the power of social media and how it can be used positively. I reached out to Makayla to see if she would come into our classroom and help me speak to my class about her happiness project as well as the importance of being kind online. She was so excited that I had reached out and we made plans for her to come into our classroom yesterday!

While Makayla was here she shared what her happiness project was all about focusing on daily rituals of gratitude and being kind to others. We also talked about being kind online and students made kindness pledges to pledge to be kind! I updated our classroom happiness blog with all of the activities that we did with Makayla. You can find the update here!

I am so grateful for Makayla taking time out of her busy schedule to come and visit us. The power of social media is amazing as a teacher being able to find others in our community that can come in and support our teaching giving our students another perspective.

Thanks for checking in! Stay tuned for our reveal this week of how much money we raised for the Make a Wish Foundation! You won’t want to miss this!


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Grade 3/4 teacher at Douglas Park School in Regina, Saskatchewan
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