Logo, Scratch, Bee-Bots: Let’s Code!

This week we were introduced to the program Logo. The logo program is one that teaches users how to program or instruct a computer to do something. Within the Logo workbook, it shares that computers can only understand very simple instructions so one must work to program a computer by combining many simple instructions to carry out complex sequences. When flipping through the Logo workbook it is easy to see many math outcome connections to this program. In going through the curriculum this fall to make my yearly school plans I did not see ‘coding’ as an outcome in any of my grade 2/3 curriculum outcomes. Has anyone found a specific curriculum link for coding?

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Working through the Logo workbook I found that it was very easy to follow once I could wrap my head around the direction of the turtle. Being able to place yourself in the turtle’s position was key I found for successfully programming its movements. I found the beginning of the workbook to be very helpful where it explains all of the movements and gives good visuals to demonstrate how the turns and movements will work. I really liked the instructions where it talked about turning and it shows pictures to show a 90 degrees turn, a 180 degrees turn, and a 270-degree turn. These visuals were very helpful! I feel that teachers could easily make a cheat sheet for students with these visuals to help them get started with this program!

Moving forward I realize that as a teacher coding is a task that I need to incorporate more into my classroom as experiences for my students. Looking at our current curriculum I can see that coding is not a priority in education in Saskatchewan. I do however understand that it is a skill that students need to be exposed to and hopefully in the near future coding will be written into our curriculum. It is evident that in comparison to other provinces in our country Saskatchewan has some work to do! As teachers, we need to be committed to bridging these gaps for our students. I plan to look into Hour of Code to find out how I can prepare and encourage my students to participate in this!

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2 Responses to Logo, Scratch, Bee-Bots: Let’s Code!

  1. Kelsey Clauson says:

    Great post, Channing. I really appreciate you sharing some of the coding programs that you’ve explored and your reflections of those. I’m curious to know, does your school division provide the programmable “bees” for the Bee-Bot activities?


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