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Grade 3/4 teacher at Douglas Park School in Regina, Saskatchewan

Calling all Technology Leaders

Well, this is a wrap on my third consecutive Ed Tech class with Alec. These classes sure have opened my eyes to an entirely new side of education that I quite frankly before was a little nervous and hesitant of. … Continue reading

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Education, Technology, Equity

Wow! What a debate. I feel like this debate more than others has many, many layers to it. This weeks debate topic¬†Technology is a force for equity in society¬†really challenged me to think about this question from many different angles … Continue reading

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Social Media and Kids: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Social media is ruining childhood: Agree or Disagree Yet again, another great debate topic. There is no question that social media use has become a part of and for many the center of almost every adolescent’s life. The topic of … Continue reading

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Green Light!

Sharing online: yes or no for educators?– the chat room was hot with debate this week! I feel that the idea of sharing online in schools has become a hot topic over the last few years. Team agree did a … Continue reading

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Educating The Google Generation

Why teach anything that can be googled? Though this may seem like a bizarre question to consider as a teacherit makes you think about what would be left to actually teach then? But once we actually sit down and really … Continue reading

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For or Against Tech to Enhance Learning: Where do you stand?

Technology in the classroom–this most definitely can be debated on whether or not it enhances learning or distracts from learning. Like many things when it comes to education, there are pros and cons to almost everything. I do however heavily … Continue reading

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Nothing but smiles for #thehappinessproject

#thehappinessproject. Wow! Talk about a rewarding experience. This term I knew that I wanted to do another project that would allow me to include my students and looking back I can say I am beyond proud of the hard work … Continue reading

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When my class launched our happiness project we were looking at different options for sharing our project. I debated starting a classroom Twitter or Instagram account to share our journey with others. At this time I was looking around on … Continue reading

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Adios EC&I 832

Since I just returned from Mexico for spring break, and I am practically fluent (not) in Spanish I will prepare to say Adios to my new friends and colleagues that I have met through this course. Thank you all for … Continue reading

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Working on Ourselves!

The last two weeks of #thehappinessproject have been taking time to focus on our minds and working towards understanding that big concept of mindfulness. Mindfulness Wheels: Two weeks ago the mindfulness guru Trina Markusson came to talk to our students … Continue reading

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