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No Tech–>High Tech

Last week Haiming, Kelsey and I presented about assistive technology. I truly enjoyed exploring this topic. As a teacher, I find that it is always productive to dig deeper into these topics so you can begin to do an inventory … Continue reading

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Lets Try Plickers!

Assessment Technologies have changed the possibilities of assessment. There are many tools out there that can be used for formative and summative assessment and long gone are the days of the traditional pen and paper assessments. Technology can provide students … Continue reading

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Education: Are we one step behind?

As we know the internet and technology is something that is continuously progressing at rates that many of us cannot imagine being able to keep up with. I haven’t ever sat back to think about the timeline of the internet … Continue reading

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The Tools That Allow Connection in Online Classes

Happy midway point classmates! I really cannot believe that this semester is already halfway complete. I already feel that we have made some amazing headway in learning about online tools and ways they can enhance our learning. I am looking … Continue reading

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Will Multitasking become a 21st Century Skill?

This week we are encouraged to think about the idea of multitasking and question how productive we are when we multi-task. The following video is a spoof on multitasking that encourages us to actually think about life while multitasking (if … Continue reading

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Sesame Street: All learning should be as engaging!

As a child, I do not remember watching much TV but I do remember watching snippets of Sesame Street and being enthralled with it. Shows like Sesame Street, Barney, and Mr. Dress Up were shows that hooked children and parents … Continue reading

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Logo, Scratch, Bee-Bots: Let’s Code!

This week we were introduced to the program Logo. The logo program is one that teaches users how to program or instruct a computer to do something. Within the Logo workbook, it shares that computers can only understand very simple … Continue reading

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ism, ism, ism! Where do you fall?

This week we are challenged to begin to look at our own understanding of which teaching theories make up our own teaching philosophy and classroom practices. As teachers, I think in many cases it is hard to step back, understand … Continue reading

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Educational Technology: My Views

Hello new EC&I 833 friends! I am looking forward to semester of great learning with you all! This week we are challenged to share our understanding and personal journey in the use of educational technology. Similar to many other educators … Continue reading

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